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We welcome VSO volunteer Paul Knipe to the team and would like to thank Rebecca Booker, the previous VSO volunteer, for her valued contribution to PCA.

PCA has conducted two workshops on Lessons learnt reconciliation Commission (LLRC) recommendation in Batticaloa and Ampar Districts to talk about civil society role in implementing LLRC recommendations. More than 75 people participated. This work shops were done with the support of Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) and National Peace Council (NPC).

PCA staff have conducted workshop on Participatory Rural Approach (PRA) , Conflict Transformation and Conflict Resolution, Participation and Empowerment and Non Violent Approaches to other partners who works together on European Commission (EC) funded project.

PCA a founding member of the National Network for Reconciliation, a nationwide coalition working with civil society and local government to address reconciliation issues PCA’s Equal and Active Voices in Ampara project, funded by Cafod, successfully up and running


Projects - 2013

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Curent Projects


Youth for Peace Ampara/ Matara (YFPA/M).

This project will work on an in-depth and sustainable manner with selected 36 youths in Matara & Ampara. The Youths will become leaders and practitioners of non – violence. The project will enable the young group to enhance their knowledge and skills to promote peace and cohesion among different ethnic and religious communities.   Funded by Spice.

Equal and Active Voices in Ampara (CAFOD).

A new project to empower communities in three divisions of Ampara with Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim majorities, through peace building working, CBO creation and improved links with local government (2013-2016)

Recent Projects


Intercommunity Understanding Project (CAFOD).
To improve democratic and peace processes in Matara through CBOs, joint action plans with government, problem solving forums, and cultural exchange with people in Ampara (2009-2014)
Strengthening capacity of union leaders of tea estate trade unions (World Vision).
PCA is leading the peace building and conflict sensitivity capacity building components of World Vision’s project to empower tea estate workers in NuwaraEliya District (2013-2014)

Promotion and protection of human rights and democracy through a stronger Sri Lankan civil society (EU-EIDHR).

To build capacity of local and community organisations in Matara, Colombo, Ampara, Batticaloa, Puttalam, Trincomalee, Vavuniya and Jaffna through learning and cultural exchange, and to raise local issues nationally through coalition building, awareness raising and prioritising of LLRC recommendations at district level (2010-2013)

Active Citizenship Programme (British Council).
To create young leaders who bring about positive change through social action in Ampara district. The project promoted community cohesion through intercultural dialogue and volunteering. (2010-2013)


Past Projects
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Recover to Serve (ArbeiterSamariter Bund Deutschland).

Work with community groups to improve conflict prevention, crisis management and peace building in Ampara, Batticaloa, Galle, Hambantota and Matara districts (2009-2012)

Justice for Community (ASB).

Promotion of open and democratic society in Ampara and Batticaloa, improving the collective voice of vulnerable people (2009-2011)

Development Peace Sri Lanka (Helvetas).

To form village level co-existence committees, build capacity, and develop sustainable mechanisms to work together in Irakkaman, Uhana, Sammanthura, and Navilianvely DS divisions in Ampara (2010-2011)

Global XchangeProgramme (Ampara and Lancashire UK; Ampara and Northern Ireland UK).

Enabling community and personal development, and cultural understanding (2010-2012)